Our services

Gas Logistics Technology

We are experts in transformation of the Natural Gas pipeline data. Take a look at our CORTEX product!

Asset Financing Solutions

Asset financing via Asset Backed Lending requires robust reporting to satisfy lender needs. Borrowing Base reporting often takes days and coordination among multiple staff, thus increasing your business costs. We offer an end to end solution that will reduce your operating costs. We will perform business analysis and provide technology resources that will automate your reporting needs.

New Product Rollout

Diversification is the only free lunch for any business. Our services can help you to form requirements for new product rollout, analyse impact on existing business and provide development resources.

Excel Applications

Excel applications are the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the finance world. They are often born out of necessity to quickly bring a product to the market, but they cause additional risk to the business and the maintenance cost is high. With our expertise and experience, we will restructure your complex Excel applications and bring them into your enterprise software stack.

Trade Cost Analysis

If your business requires Best Execution, the Trade Cost Analysis becomes an important part of it. We offer business analysis and system design services to support this process.

Process Automation

Competitive business requires relentless focus on costs. We have years of experience designing and implementing smart processes that address commercial and/or regulatory needs. This advanced level of automation will help your business thrive.

Core System Evaluation

We work with your staff to deliver a comprehensive system evaluation. From RFP to restructure of existing infrastructure, the Process IQ Company can suggest easy and robust solutions

Strategic Planning

The world of finance is changing on a daily basis and as new disrupter technologies emerge, your institution needs to be prepared. Process IQ Company can facilitate your strategic planning process to help your organization build a plan for the future.

Big Data Solutions

The world of finance is rich with data that is often not utilized to its fullest potential. To extract actionable business intelligence, data needs to be validated, filtered and easily accessed. Our success stories include data lakes, distributed infrastructure and cloud computing that can give you an edge over your competition.

Cloud Migrations

Cloud-based finance technology is an attractive proposition for forward-looking finance leaders looking to increase business performance, optimize operational efficiency and keep up with regulatory changes. Let’s talk.