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Natural Gas Actualization Simplified!

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What is CORTEX?

CORTEX is an effortless way of automating Natural Gas Actualization. It transfers data from the Electronic Bulletin Board (EBB) and sends it directly into the Energy Trading & Risk Management (ETRM) system, via API. The automated data flow ensures the accuracy of high-risk processes that rely on this data, such as Credit, PnL/Positions & Settlements. CORTEX enforces A.C.E. (Accountability.Controls.Efficiency)


CORTEX reduces the need for time consuming manual data entry and quality control processes which leads to significant cost and time savings. Human resources can be redirected to more value-add activities or have their coverage expanded to other functions. Clients have seen increased employee engagement and retention with the help of CORTEX.

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CORTEX Benefits

ETRM Integration

CORTEX works with any ETRM system (provided there is an appropriate API). CORTEX does not require code changes to the ETRM and is not impacted by version upgrades.

EOD Controls

CORTEX dashboard reflects the status of each pipeline and any outstanding booking issues that need to be addressed. This provides transparency for management processes.

Exception Reporting

CORTEX provides clear and concise exception and reconciliation screens. CORTEX is powered by Artificial Intelligence to simplify resolving data mismatches.

Cloud Based

CORTEX is a Software-As-A-Service product to help you to reduce infrastructure and deployment costs.


Your data is of the utmost importance, so security is a must. CORTEX uses strong encryption at rest and in motion to achieve that protection. Additionally you get Multi Factor Authentication for Free!


All CORTEX actions are logged to ensure compliance with appropriate regulations.


In contrast to most other vendors, there is no long term contractual license fee. Instead, subscription is either monthly or per transaction based.


The CORTEX user-friendly dashboard was designed to make troubleshooting of actualizations easy. This allows the incumbent to focus on more value add activities for the business.


Competitive solutions that push data to the EBB, can often result in the WHOLE batch rejection by the EBB, due to fuel rounding. This can create operational losses. CORTEX does not have these problems!


Quick to Onboard. First pipeline around 6 weeks, 2 weeks each pipeline thereafter.

CORTEX supports these pipelines and several more