Heads up! We offer a Software-as-a-Service to push pipeline tariff rates or fuel charges directly into your ETRM

Afraid when gas tariff rates or fuel charges are changing?

  • Are you not happy when pipeline invoice is off?
  • Are you angry when system balances are all over the place?
  • Is your boss disappointed when hours are waisted to correct simple mistake on invoice

Why use Pipeline Tariff automation?

  • Pipeline Tariffs are a masterpieces of legal documentation which means hundreds of pages to go through
  • With CORTEX Pipeline Tariff service you can easily browse through the data
  • With click of a button you can import changes directly into your ETRM
  • CORTEX Pipeline Tariff Service does not require a specific version of the ETRM (provided there is an appropriate API)
  • This saves money as competing solutions quite often require expensive prior system upgrades
  • CORTEX is fast to onboard

CORTEX Pipeline Tariff unique features!

  • Browse through pipeline rates in tabular format
  • Easily export rates into Excel

Schedule a demo and see what value CORTEX can add to your Natural Gas business. You will not be disappointed in the solution and price!