What are the known challenges?

  • Natural Gas pathing is a critical operation
  • Incorrect pathing means incorrect invoices
  • Incorrect invoices mean lost time and money
  • Pathing requires attention to details but is typically passed onto junior personnel
  • It takes 30m to 2h to path medium to large pipeline per day
  • It takes hours to correct historical pathing mistakes

Why use CORTEX?

  • No change to existing nomination process. Schedulers use their trusty EBB tools
  • CORTEX does not require a specific version of the ETRM (provided there is an appropriate API)
  • This saves money as competing solutions quite often require expensive prior system upgrades
  • Feedback from the market shows that competing solutions create fuel rounding issues, which cause EBB to reject nomination batches
  • CORTEX is fast to onboard

CORTEX unique features!

  • Asset Management Agreements (AMA) data import
  • Ability to match Multi-Point Trading Hubs (example: Cheyenne, TETCO)
  • Leased pipeline segments and interconnect identification
  • All interstate pipelines covered. Models: Pathed Non-Threaded, Pathed, Non-Pathed and other variations
  • Cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) – no investment into infrastructure required, no complex software installed on premises, and no code inside the ETRM which could lead to performance/upgrade issues
  • Payment options: monthly or per transaction, no long-term commitment
  • System learns from user actions using Machine Learning techniques
  • On-boarding: 6 weeks for first pipeline, 2 weeks for following pipes *
  • Detailed Exceptions/Reconciliation reports to help troubleshoot issues
  • Shipper Must Have Title contract compliance check

*) typical implementation times, they also depend on API and data availability

The CORTEX solution ensures that Operational Risk is reduced and time and money saved. It also allows operations/schedulers to focus on more value add parts of the business, in an ever increasing cost conscious environment.

Schedule a demo and see what value CORTEX can add to your Natural Gas business. You will not be disappointed in the solution and price!